Make Music Winter: December 22, 2013

James Holt Thru-Line

Amateur and professional string players disperse to each of the Brooklyn-bound G train subway platforms. Over the course of an hour, every time a train arrives, musicians will step in and out of the front car to give subway riders a continuous, tag-team performance of the famous Prelude from J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G major. Conceived and produced by James Holt. More details from the creator here.

This year’s performance will feature musicians from the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra and Face The Music. Additional mobile instrumentalists are invited to join in advance of December 21.

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Watch this video from the 2011 Thru-Line premiere, co-produced with MATA and The Knights. (Video by Streetfilms.)

Front car of every Brooklyn-bound G train, 2:00pm

Front car of every Brooklyn-bound G train, 3:00pm

How to Join
To perform, sign up in advance on the Thru-Line parade page. To listen, ride the G train.

James Holt is a composer, podcaster, and arts administrator. His music has been performed across the country and internationally, including recent performances in New York, Boston, St. Paul, and San Francisco. His podcast, My Ears Are Open, is dedicated to contemporary composers and performers. This ever-growing library of interviews features contemporary music’s most important advocates from around the world. James lives and works in Seattle.

Jim Holt

Participating Musicians To Include:

Amber Officer-Narvsa violin,
 Amelia Krinke viola,
 Andie Springer Tanning violin,
 Brian Krinke violin,
 Daniel Keene guitar, Dan Strumpf violin, Desiree Joy Frias doumbek,
 Domenica Fossati flute,
 Evan Runyon double bass, Farzaneh Sarafraz violin, Katie Cox flute,
 Mary Kouyoumdjian accordion,
 Meredith Krinke violin,
 Nicole Camacho flute,
 Nobuko Miyazaki flute,
 Stephanie Stattel violin and Face The Music Students Alma McKinnon, Boubacar Diallo, Jonah Murphy, Kyle Blessing and Paris Lavidis.


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