Saturday, June 21, 2014

Punk Island feat14_punk-island
Punk isn’t dead… it’s just stranded on an island
Photo: Sean Sweeney

Photo: Sean Sweeney

feat14_punk-island_01_logoMake Music New York’s Punk Island is back for a seventh year!

From 11am until 9pm on Saturday, June 21st, hear more than 90 bands from every corner of the punk scene performing for 10 hours on seven stages, on Staten Island’s enormous “Coast Guard” pier, 100 yards south of the Ferry Terminal in St. George, Staten Island.



Punk Island 2014 Bands will include:

3 Special Guests
Absinthe Rose
All Torn Up!
Bad Behavior
Blackout Shoppers
Blest Mess
Burning Streets
Cell 63
Concrete Cross
Cop Problem
Cry Havoc
Daly’s Gone Wrong
Damn Broads
Darkside NYC
Desekilibrio Social
Dr Skinnybones
Eli Whitney and The Sound Machine
Empty Vessels
Ex By V
Exit 17
From Scratch
Go Big
Gone by Friday
Hopeless Otis
Joe DeMaso
Kid Nichols
Legend of You
Little Waist
Lost In Society
Mad Diesel
Mary Todd
Mens Room
Midnight Foolishness
Nerves End
OC 45
Oh the Humanity
Opposition Rising
Radio Daze
Raw Nerves
Reyna The Ripper
Riot Fox
Sex Zombies
Single Red Cent
Slim Wray
The Banner
The Best Lies
The Black Clouds
The Charley Few
The Homewreckers
The Jukebox Romantics
The Pandemics
The Prettiest Meltdown
The Strange Times
The Taillight Rebellion
Through Thorn and Brier
Two Fisted Law
Walk the Plank
Wes Mantooth
World War IX
Your House
Zombie Fight

How to Get to Punk Island

Punk Island will be held at the “Coast Guard” plaza and pier, 100 yards south of the Ferry Terminal in St George, Staten Island.


Aerial view of Punk Island

The terminal is a 25-minute ferry ride from Lower Manhattan. Free ferries run every 30 minutes, in both directions; click here for the schedule. As you disembark, turn left, exit the terminal on the lower level, and follow the signs to Punk Island.

Parking is also available in the Ferry Terminal’s Municipal Parking Lot.

Practical Tips

Photo: Clara Schuhmacher

Photo: Clara Schuhmacher

  • Due to enhanced security measures, all bags will be subject to search. Weapons and other dangerous objects will not be permitted.
  • The pier and plaza are exposed to the elements; wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!
  • Food vendors will be on site. Visitors can also bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Special thanks to all of the Kickstarter backers who made Punk Island 2014 possible!

Abby Zubrycky, Alejandro Figueroa, Alex Hopfenmuller, Alexander Wood, Allie Falco, Alyssa Rehm, Amy Jackson, Ann Murray, Anne Kaun, Aria Rad, Ashley Levine, Ben Flint, Ben Hennessy, Benjamin Fitzwilliam, Bessie Ryan, Brendon Egan, Brian K, Brian Sullivan, Bryan Donoghue, Callan Lamb, Carl Eklof, Carl Gunhouse, Caroline Bruce, Caroline Denis, Cedric Howe, Charles Cure, Chris Falkowski, Christianne Manzano, Christine Wagenheim, Corey Stierli, Craig Shayowitz, D.B. Denholtz, Daniel Hogan, Daniel Matthews, Danielle, Danielle Dominguez, Danielle Kolker, Danny P Cuciti, David Chen, David Siffert, Dick Parker, Doug Glass, Dyami Bryant, Eammonn Dignam, Ed Giza, Eduardo Villalta, Elliot De Lisser, Emily Crandall, Emily Rupp, Ercasse, Eric Enjem, Eric Malarkey, Eric Rizk, Ethel Alegria-Hernandez, Ezee, Faith Brody, Fiona Peach, Gary T Carlin, Gecko Theatre, George Grimaldi, Geraud Krawezik, Giancarlo Autenzio, Gideon Bryant, Hayley Rosenblum, Helen Spencer, Highlord Tamburlaine, Ian Jane, Ira Cogan, J.R. Strikes, Jacqueline Mary, James Donovan, James Turnbull, Jamie Rotante, Jane Bang, Jason Wojnar, Jed Schipper, Jen Dougherty, Jenn Thoman, Jenna Dincesen, Jennifer Ogden, Jess Tell, Jesse Wilcox, Jessica Brown, Jessie May, Jo Problems, Joey Steel, John Ortiz, Jon Leland, Jonny Disaster, Josh Harris, Joshua T. Cohen, Kaitlyn Chen, Kathie, Kathryn Anderson, Kathy Magliaro, Kelly Riel, Ken Kelleher, Ken Shadford, Khris, Krzysztof Kamieniecki, Kyle Trocolla, Laura Zeitlin, Lauren Gulbrandsen, Lauren Morgan, Lee, Lefa Alksne, Lily Golightly, Linda Lausell Bryant, Louie Tremblay, Lyz Manikas, M Mylo Mendez, Maarin Ektermann, Maia Frieser, Martin Kollmann, Matt, Matthew J Kehoe, Matthew Sheahan, Meredith Spiegel, Michael Ambrosino, Michael Grossman, Michael Guthaus, Michael Murray, Michelle Dal Piaz, Michelle Dionne, Mike Bara, Mike Sheet Tray Kelly, Mindy Weisberger, Natalee Wong, Nick Gambacorta, Nicole Fleury, Oscar Armando Arias, Oscar Silva, Pete Crotty, Peter Leszynski, Philip Tronolone, Pierce Lightning, Rachel Oberhausen, Rachel Taft, Rebecca Weaver, Riot Fox, Robert T. Bryan, Robyn Goldstein, Rohan Graetz, Roland Badoreck, Roxane, Ryan Collier, Samantha Molina, Santos J. Arce, Sarah Andrade, Sean Finley, Seth Dellon, Shalia Stockstill, Shannon Connors, Shaun Dubreuil, Shawn Refuse, Stacy Carey, Stephanie Smith, Stephanie Veiga, Stephen Kent Jusick, Subtle Tea, Susan Roggio Langis, Tanya Elder, Terry H. Romero, The Jukebox Romantics, The Rodent Hour, The Sharp Lads, Theviz, Timothy Brault, TJ Pallas, Todd Shirley, Tom Gallagher, Tom Meehan, Tom Schlatter, Uzuhi, Victoria, Victoria P, Vincent Au, and William Oberhausen.

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